Between these 6 methods, there's bound to be one that matches the tools you personally have on hand in order to make a new hole in your. Use a leather hole punch to put a new hole in your belt it's easy. Here are three smart ways to do it right and extend the life of your old belts. Purchase a leather hole punch. If you want the new belt hole to be as tidy and discreet as possible, a leather hole punch is by far the best tool.

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Put the belt on and mark where you want the new hole to be with a pen. Take the belt off and secure it, good side up, to a piece of wood, using. Use a power drill with a small drill bit the size of the hole you want. Put a piece of scrap wood under the belt first. After the drill bit penetrates the. DIY Belt Holes: last week I purchaced a belt from a retail store before trying it on, taking a knife and cutting all the excess leather that the nail pushed through.

Mark your belt whereyou want to add holes. If you are going to end up What's the best way to make extra holes in a leather belt? Views. There is a device, a “heavy duty leather punch” with various sizes of sharp hollow tubes that are used to cut the holes. You turn the wheel the. Actually, when we are in hurry and need an additional eyelet in a belt due to weight loss Thus the best tool is the leather hole punch that makes round or oval.

Every fashion-loving person would say that wearing a poorly fitting belt is no Nevertheless, it is always useful to learn how to create holes in leather in the right . Leather Belt Hole Punch Tool - Professional Hole Puncher for Shoes, Watch it is easy to punch perfect round holes again and again and it won't damage your. Best Leather Hole Punch Set for Belts, Watch Bands, Straps, Dog Collars, Now you can create new round holes for your favorite belt that may be too big after.

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Most likely, you are going to want to put the holes in your belt one inch apart from each other for even spacing. While that is the standard for the. It's a relatively easy leather modification that lets you keep your favorite belt How to: 3 Ways to Punch a Hole in a Leather Belt | ManMade DIY. Add Extra Belt Holes to Your Leather Belt already in the belt to see which one was closest in size, and I used that one to create new holes. Punched a beautiful round hole through a very thick leather belt, like it was a hot They do make holes more easily, but now the holes are irregular because I. This post covers the best methods for making holes for belts and other leatherwork projects, using several different types of leather hole punch. Buy uxcell Leather Belt Hole Punch Plier Tool, Colour May Vary Features: Ideal For making holes in Belts, Gaskets, Leather, Canvas, textiles and of knack to punch out the hole through and through and hope to make nice craft. Sometimes an extra hole is needed to accomodate the weight loss or weight gain Put the belt around your waist and determine the area on the belt where you need to add the hole. How to Make a Leather Belt Smell Good. Very good product, and is very sturdy. It will do the job of making holes in leather belts and related leather goods. Some good quality leather may require good. Gucci Marmont Belt - how to read the sizing chart and figure out You might have to wiggle the tool side to side to cut that final layer of leather. Find out how to poke extra holes in your leather belt on back on how I make out adding new holes to my backpack and belts.