It's 47 years old; it'll wait for The Girl Who Waited. By the way, that doesn't really sound like a B- review. Reply. Flagged. rkor tossin. 9/10/ A standalone episode of Doctor Who, and a very, very good one. Here's our review of The Girl Who Waited. The Girl Who Waited was another self-contained, continuity-free tale that took a simple sci-fi conceit (meeting an older version of yourself) and.

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The Girl Who Waited written by Tom MacRae and directed by Nick Hurran. This story in a nutshell: Two Amy's. You would think it would be. The Girl Who Waited is both the cheap episode (closed set, no guest stars), and the “Doctor Lite” episode. At first a necessity of the production. The Girl Who Waited might just be the most Moffat-esque Doctor Who script that wasn't written by the man himself. “Timey wimey” hijinks, killer.

The Girl Who Waited is the tenth episode of the sixth series of the British science fiction . SFX magazine reviewer Nick Setchfield awarded The Girl Who Waited five out of five stars, praising Hurran as well as the performance of the three. Clint Hassell reviews The Girl Who Waited, the tenth episode of Doctor Who Series 6. Doctor Who expert Gavin Fuller reviews The Girl Who Waited, episode 10 in the series on BBC One.

But that's ok, as the next story – The Girl Who Waited – is another good one. Doctor Who – The Girl Who Waited Review: What's This One About? Separated and. Doctor Who t-shirts and Dr Who reviews from Androzani: it's not Where The Girl Who Waited scores, and scores big, is in the emotional arena. The Girl Who Waited Poster. Amy is trapped in a Rory · Josie Taylor Check-In Girl 0 of 0 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you?.

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Catch up on the latest instalment of Doctor Who with our episode recap. TV review: Doctor Who episode The Girl Who Waited, which saw Karen Gillan take centre stage as Amy Ponds, stopped the universe and made. Anyone who's been following the Doctor's adventures for the last year and a half will know that “the girl who waited” refers to his long-suffering. A review of tonight's “Doctor Who” coming up just as soon as I jettison “The Girl Who Waited” was in many ways a very familiar tale, both in. Episode 10 of Series 6 of Doctor Who is called “The Girl Who Waited,” and in many ways it could be called “Amy's Choice 2,” yet, while they. Read on for my full, spoiler-free review of “The Girl Who Waited”, including my ranking out of four stars! The episode begins, of course, with a failed attempt to. (TV: The Girl Who Waited) Following the Eleventh Doctor's orders, Amy hid herself in the room containing the Two Streams Facility temporal engines on. It wasn't the tearjerker I expected it to be, but “The Girl Who Waited” was a solid standalone episode of Doctor Who. At times, the episode felt very tonally similar. Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited RT review by Patrick Mulkern more emotional depth, as we are presented truly with The Girl Who Waited. One of my favorite episodes from Matt Smith's run on Doctor Who is, ironically, one that features very little of the Doctor. It's a story that focuses.