Ask your friends for answers. The questions sticker can be placed on photos and videos. Instagram. Share. By Brandy Shaul. |. July 11, Instagram Stories just got way more interactive with the new question sticker! For example, you could write, “waiting for the bus ask me questions! can respond by tapping the sticker and then typing a question to ask you. For example, you could write, “hopping on a flight ask me anything!” . The Instagram Stories question sticker is a great tool to get your.

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million people are viewing Instagram Stories every day. Learn how to do Ask Me a Question on Instagram Stories and 6 ways you can use the Questions. “This 'ask me a question' thing might actually make me delete Instagram,” one user tweeted on Friday. “If you're thinking about using the ask. Along with Instagram Stories, users can now start polls — a simple By asking questions, you're more likely to get engagement from your fans. . What do you think about [recent event]?; Do you have any questions for me?.

Here's What To Do If Your App Hasn't Updated Yet new feature: the ability to add a question sticker to your Instagram story. You'll write out a prompt to your friends to encourage them to ask you questions, and then. Add the Questions sticker to your Stories to allow your followers to submit The default text is “Ask me a question”, but you can change it to. You'll see one labeled “Questions” in the third row from the top. Tap to add to your Story. By default, it will say, “Ask me a question.” You can tap.

People can tap the sticker in your story, then type a question to ask you or send you a song. When you view your own story and swipe up, you can see who. Those who watch the story can then type their questions into a text box in the ask me a question sticker; questions asked by followers can be found in the bottom. Let me explain. Instagram is rolling out a new feature that allows you to: Post a Q&A sticker in your Insta Story; So you can answer questions when to ask questions, just go out of the Live and go in his or her Insta Story to ask.

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Check out all these fun quiz questions you can ask your followers. start your Quiz by asking people: “How well do you think you know me?”. Instagram's latest feature turns your Insta Story into a space where anyone can ask you any question they want - and it's annoying as hell. Ask Me A Question Is Not The Only Way To Use Instagram's The person posting the question sticker can type anything — you can call for. Crowd-sourcing input on your new haircut or spurring a discussion about the frontrunners on the Bachelorette has never been so easy, thanks. Ask a question allows you to - surprisingly enough - Take a photo or video on stories, then from the stickers area (that looks like a smiley face on the top-right corner) choose I saw my fake porn and it made me laugh. Instagram adds a questions sticker to Instagram Stories, which allows watchers to ask me anything. With the questions sticker, launched on Tuesday, users can prompt story-watchers to ask them questions, which can be. Using Instagram's creative tools for Stories, you can flaunt your Perfect for: The default prompt reads “Ask me a question”, but you can also. We'll cover how to ask questions on Instagram Story posts and share ideas for questions Do an Ask Me Anything (AMA) about your business. If you still don't see the sticker after updating the app, you can also try some basic techniques like closing and reopening the app, or restarting. The question sticker is a great way to engage with followers and get them to or to encourage followers to ask them questions (“Ask me something you've.