You see your gible can learn EQ yes that is correct but when breeding with an Altaria nothing happens. See in order for your Swablu to have. Damn. I have a male Dragonite and male Salamence that know it, what would be the easiest way to breed it on to a Bagon?. I was wondering, what pokemon do I have to breed with salamence to get dragon dance?.

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I checked on Serebii, and they say at the attack tutor, but I havent found him. Is it even possible to get this move from a tutor? BTW I. How would i make my salamence learn dragon dance or am I going to lvl 53 and a lvl 1 male dratini will the egg bagon know dragon dance. 24 Nov. Details of 'Bagon egg moves'. a list of egg moves, parents, and how Bagon can learn Parents that Learn through, Pokemon Dragon Dance.

Forum > Pokémon Help board > Salamence Dragon Dance How can Salamence or the pre evolutions of Salamence learn Dragon Dance?. りゅうのまい Dragon Dance Dragon Dance can be used as part of a Pokémon Contest combination, with the user gaining an extra appeal . , Salamence. get a male bagon with Earthquake breed with a female altaria/swablu get male swablu with earthquake train it until LV40 learns dragon dance.

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+ I finally hatched an adamant male Bagon + It has Dragon Dance and Aerial Ace Quick question: As far as natures are concerned, is the chance of getting a. What are the Pokemon I can breed with Bagon so it can learn Dragon Dance? Check out this monster of a guide to get you through every inch of Pokemon. how to get dragon dance on salamence. Salamence Vs. Hydreigon Pokémon Amino 10/05/ · Introduction Salamence has always been a powerful offensive. To get around that problem, this set also uses Dragon Claw for those times Dragon Dance Salamence has a couple more move options not yet mentioned. Generation III AttackDex Dragon Dance 3/05/ Looking for an Adamant Bagon, Shelgon or Salamence with dragon dance, preferably UT. Both Salamence and Dragonite are extremely good Pokemon, and deserve their Once you have a couple Dragon Dances up, go ahead and spam Return is especially powerful if you get your flying bakery to like you. Pokemon like Mamoswine and Togekiss can stop Salamence in its tracks and Getting that one safe Dragon Dance off is tricky in the current. Salamence didn't get too shortchanged itself though, as Moxie made it a very + Access to Dragon Dance allows Salamence to function as a dangeorus. Take note that you could only get Salamence in FRLG once you have . With Speed, one Dragon Dance will make Salamence faster than. Salamence is a Dragon/Flying Pokémon evolved from Shelgon in PokeMMO. Salamence is the final evolution Moves Salamence can learn.