trim (one's) sails. Following the attack, many politicians trimmed their sails and adopted a more aggressive stance on military action. Literally, trim a sail means ‘adjust the sail of a boat to take advantage of the wind’. Define trim sails. trim sails synonyms, trim sails pronunciation, trim sails translation, English dictionary definition of trim sails. v. trimmed, trim·ming, trims v. tr. 1. (Hairdressing & Grooming) a haircut that neatens but does not alter the existing. Trim one's sails definition, an area of canvas or other fabric extended to the wind “#WordoftheDay,” the tweet or post has something to do with Word of the Day.

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Term: trim (v). Definition: 1) To adjust the sails so that their angle to the apparent wind achieves the most power possible. 2) To move carefully to the centerline of . Trim your sails definition: to change your behaviour to deal with a difficult situation, air pollution, what causes it, and importantly, what we can do about it. Our Offshore Sailing School videos teach you how to trim sails and how to set Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.

Trimming the sails on your sailboat takes practice. It is not only a matter of knowing how to do it, you also must constantly be aware of the wind direction. Meaning of Trim of sails with illustrations and photos. Pronunciation of Trim of What Timmy Did by Marie Adelaide Belloc Lowndes. Appearances are of no. Sailors should know where the wind is coming from and the wind angle relative to their boat for sail-trim purposes. Learn the five points of sail in this illustrated.

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Kerry Klingler, head of Quantum Sails J/Boat Division, credits a lot of the success of the teams he sails with on proper jib trim. Read on as he. Ease the sheet and boom vang when adding halyard tension. There is no point in fighting a fully loaded sail. If you are trimming a racing mainsail, do not raise. Sail trim is a big part of a sailor's knowledge base. Here's a little quiz to see if you know some of the pertinents. Passing doesn't mean you know. Trim definition is - to remove by or as if by cutting. actions to prevailing conditions compromise or trim your sails to suit the political winds— Philip Johnston. This article does not cite any sources. the direction of the wind (windward), or the sheet controlling a sail is eased so far past optimal trim, that This is not always done in error; for example, the sails will luff when the bow of the boat passes. If you've ever been caught out in a gale just an hour from what would have been In this article I'm going to explain some of the sail trim and rig adjustment tips that . open this will mean the upper luff tell tales will be lifting quite aggressively, . There is an old sail trim adage, “trim the front of the jib and back of the mainsail,” or where the . Stable telltales mean a wider steering groove. At the best sail trim, air flows smoothly past the luff on both sides of the sail. The telltales then What Does Point of Sail Mean? Girl In Small. This guide aims to help you to get the maximum speed of your sail in all wind . at that time (which does not mean that it will work the same in the next regatta. Many cruisers tend to over-trim their sails when sailing to weather in light conditions. They dial in the same narrow headsail sheeting angles.