In fiction, a foil is a character who contrasts with another character, usually the protagonist, to highlight qualities of the other character. In some cases, a subplot . Definition, Usage and a list of Foil Examples in common speech and literature. In literature, a foil is a character that shows qualities that are in contrast with the. Literary foil definition. What is the definition of foil in literature? See examples of dramatic foil and foil as a literary term at Writing Explained.

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Foils are used in all types of literature. A character that exhibits opposite or conflicting traits to another character is called a foil. Foil characters can be. A foil character is any character in literature that, through his or her actions and words, highlights and directly contrasts the personal traits. be a foil to/for somebody/something meaning, definition, what is be a foil to/for somebody/something: to emphasize the good qualities of anoth: Learn more.

What makes a character interesting? In literature, authors will sometimes highlight certain aspects of a character's personality by using a foil: a. A foil can be a subplot which is used to contrast the main plot of a play or story. More commonly, it is used to describe a character who is the. Foil definition is - to prevent from attaining an end: defeat. How to use foil in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of foil.

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foil definition: 1. a very thin sheet of metal, especially used to wrap food in to keep it fresh: 2. a piece of a very thin metal sheet or paper used to wrap a piece of. Examples and definition of foil. A foil is a character that possesses qualities which are in sharp contrast to those of another character. A foil character in a work of literature is a character who is the opposite of the main character, and the contrast helps to highlight the characteristics of the main . In fiction, a FOIL is a character who contrasts with another character. (usually the protagonist) in order to highlight particular qualities of the other character. A. Definition of foil: Material thinner than millimeter. Thicker material (up to millimeter) is called a film, anything thicker than millimeter is called a. Foil is that shiny stuff your mom wraps your tuna fish sandwiches in before she shuttles you off to school. Or that pointy thing you stab people with in fencing. You can serve as a foil to someone if you show them to be better than you by contrast. If you can't dance but your friend Lisa can, you can be a foil to Lisa's grace. A foil is a character who demonstrates qualities that are in opposition to those of another character. The purpose of a foil is to highlight or accentuate the main. Foil definition, to prevent the success of; frustrate; balk: Loyal troops foiled his attempt to overthrow the government. See more. One that stands in contrast to and emphasizes the distinctive characteristics of another: I am resolved my husband shall not be a rival, but a foil to me ( Charlotte.