Carrie Anne Mathison, played by actress Claire Danes, is a fictional character and the protagonist of the American television drama/thriller series Homeland on . Caroline Anne Carrie Mathison (born April 5, ) is a former operations officer working for the Central Intelligence Agency. She is obsessively hunting down a terrorist named Abu Nazir, whom she suspects turned Nick Brody, an American prisoner of war, against his country. Claire Danes is an American actress who portrays Carrie Mathison on Homeland . She is also best known for playing Juliet in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo+ Juliet.

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The ending to Homeland's seventh series has left us with a lot of questions – what's next for Claire Danes' tortured heroine? What are the. To prepare for season seven, here's a refresher course on all the terrible things that have been done to (and by) Carrie and why she remains. But in the fourth episode of Homeland's first season, Carrie Mathison accidentally -on-purpose barged into Nicholas Brody and, within seconds.

It's been through bad times before, but right now Homeland is like watching the world's most mundane CCTV feed. Can Carrie and Saul burst. Learn more about Claire Danes in the role of Carrie Mathison on the SHOWTIME Original Series Homeland. Improbably, Showtime's aging spy drama Homeland is enjoying its best season in Homeland Season 7 Episode 6 Carrie Claire Danes.

More often than not, Carrie's family life has been the bane of Homeland, an ill- advised attempt at humanizing the character through numbing. Homeland season 8 is planned as the final season, but we think it shouldn't be axed. Homeland deserves a life after Carrie, and here's why. Carrie and Saul's plan to save Keane's presidency took a sharp turn in Homeland's Season 7 finale — grade it in our poll.

Carrie from Homeland Spy Tv Series, Best Series, Nicholas Brody, Angela Chase , As Homeland's new series starts in the UK this weekend, check out five. When Homeland first aired in starring a CIA agent with bipolar disorder, Carrie Mathison (played by Claire Danes), it was commended for. Homeland delivered a cliffhanger ending without sacrificing closure in Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) refuses to read a false statement that. The Real C.I.A. Is Delighted that Homelands Carrie Mathison Will No Longer Work There. Courtesy of Showtime. Last month, Showtime. As Season 6 of “Homeland” gets under way, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is a changed a woman. Keeping her distance from CIA crony Saul. Blame plosive alliteration, if you will, but when people describe Homeland's Carrie Mathison, the words brilliant and bipolar are almost. Took many breaks while walking us all through the love story told on Homeland Seasons , and, while we wile away what remains of the. Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and CIA agent Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) team up to discover who's trying to kill them on “Homeland.”. Claire Danes in “Homeland,” returning Sunday for its seventh season on the C.I.A. officer (now former officer) Carrie Mathison, played on the. Everything—literally everything—will be different on the next season of Homeland. When the hit Showtime drama returns for season five this fall, not only will we.